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In Linz technologies, our structured methodology can build world-class web and mobile applications of Zoho consulting services in dubai. We offer solutions to businesses of all sizes. As certified partners of Zoho Corporation, we can be trusted for delivering efficient solutions with our team of experts. Our goal is in understanding the niche and bringing strategies that adapt to the challenging business environment. We are proven for one-stop solutions for not only individual solutions, but a closure of events from consulting to implementation, and functional support to training.

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Consulting solutions for Zoho Products to cover your entire organization needs!

Explore your business challenges and opportunities with us! Our consultation includes integration setup for Zoho softwares, within Zoho corporation as well as the third party apps that you rely on. It is followed by technical support by trained professionals.

Consulting solutions for Zoho Products to cover your entire organization needs! The Zoho One Ecosystem -

Saving time and costs is everyone’s concern. Run your entire business smartly on one suite and get access to zoho apps with Zoho One. From the diverse collection of applications from marketing to accounting, choose the best apps of Zoho One suite which suits the best for your business with our expert advice and insights. Scale your business by connecting your diverse business functions with Zoho applications and drive your workforce to be more productive. With the applications in this suite, to communicate and collaborate within teams, and improve connection within departments with minimal costs. Get in touch with our experts today to implement Zoho One for your business.

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Benefits of Zoho Consulting Services in Dubai

Zoho Consultation & Zoho Implementation

With deep knowledge in Zoho Products, we help you strategize, build and implement customer focussed solution

Sorting Business Ideas

Get powerful insights from our experts for Business of any size and type and align your needs to meet customer demands.

Zoho Support

Elevate your brand’s reputation with a seamless experience solving any arising issues.


Change the route of how you build customer centric solutions.

Custom Branding

You think,and we deliver!  We approach the way how you want your business to be, offering modified solutions.

Business Agility

Keep pace with the rapid growth. Embrace business transformation and drive teams to deliver high performance.

Operational Excellence

Get a competitive advantage as we develop a road map on your vision and available resources.

Achieve higher revenue

Reduce the costs by finding smarter ways to get things done. Additionally with open collaboration within teams, improve revenue.

Improved customer service

Become intensely customer focused and build loyal customers in a short span of time.

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Marketing & Sales Handling

Collecting and managing lead information effectively is the key for building a productive workforce. Zoho lets you drive leads with campaign and email solutions, and view data as insightful actions with the help of dashboards and analytics. Streamlining your sales force couldn’t get easier than this, but positioning the softwares at the different ends of your business can be a game changer. At Linz technologies, we make it easier for you! Find out how by contacting us today.

Finances and Accounting
Boost your Success

Stop shifting data among different places. Get your finances managed under a single roof! From invoice creation to order management, and from collecting payments to handling accounting, Zoho’s integrated suite for finance keeps you business ready! This alternative to traditional accounting management saves time, costs with optimized data automation and workflows. Stay on top of cash flow with Zoho Finance products like Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Subscription, Zoho Expense and Zoho Checkout.

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Automating Crucial Business Workflows

Connect data across multiple platforms and automake your mundane tasks using them on minimal efforts. Leverage the power of low code platforms with Zoho Creator. By building scalable solutions, deliver enduring experience for your customers. Zoho Analytics and Zoho Flow, assists your team in delivering tasks with less technical knowledge and experience. Ready to identify opportunities? Talk with us today!

Active Installs

Reimagining Employee Workplace

Zoho Workplace is a bundle of communication, storage and collaboration paradigms and other services to boost the way you work! Improve employee collaboration with multi-faceted communications like email, video conferencing, messaging softwares include Zoho Mail, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Show, Zoho Connect and Zoho Show. As you improve collaboration, tools like Zoho Docs, Sheets bridge the gaps between common team collaboration. Additionally, get the convenience of virtual meetings with Zoho Meeting and Show Time. Team delivers the best, when the coordinations are excellent.

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