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If you are too busy to figure out the smart moves or not able to spend time on streamlining your workflows and team, worry not! We are to help. Zoho offers unique and excellent 50+ softwares to solve real time business scenarios like sales, marketing, finance, collaboration, recruitment and more. In this technology advanced era, stay ahead in your business game by encountering the significant obstacles. Strategize and deploy your Zoho application that is optimized for your specific solution and drive your team towards increased growth and revenue.

How support services can help?

Lets teams drive more growth with the business support service. Smoothen your workflow by knowing the best from the experts. Centralized point of contact, on both the onsite and off-shore. Complete your mundane and repetitive tasks in a faster and effective way. Qualified support staff for insights and interaction. Spend more time on your business critical functions.
Managing Director Kingslin
Abraham Kingslin
Managing Director

Meet the envisioned goal with certified Zoho Partner for Dubai

We, the certified Zoho implementation partners help you focus on your primary goals and to
expand your business potential with the unique solutions from our skilled team. The premium service we provide is to ease the way you run business and to understand your requirements. Our specialized team aims at delivering appropriate services with true competency and drive world class performance. With more than 7+ years of experience as Zoho Partners for Dubai, we understand the market and help you manage the rapid change and adapt to it. You can count on our expertise 24*7.

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zoho certified in dubai
zoho implementation in dubai

Ensure your implementation works smoothly with reliable support

Certified Zoho Partner with
7+ industrial and service experience
Dedicated Teams
Top Success Stories
Support and Training Advantage

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What are the Client Benefits when using Linz Technologies for Zoho Support?

Got a growing business? Meet the marketing demands and consistently deliver excellence. Get insights on solving the current issues and staying competitive, as you work with your customers. To do this, have a clear vision on your goals, motto and niche. To scale on business, you need:
Strategic planning
Focus on strengths
Deeper technical knowledge
Embrace scalable solutions
Expert advice and training

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zoho client implementation in dubai

Expertise in entire ecosystem of Zoho

We work with every Zoho Product. A few of all the Zoho Products that we offer functional support are:
zoho recruit in uae

Zoho CRM

Manage contacts and sales of potential customers quicker. With this cloud solution, know your customer base and excel in tracking customer activities, accessibility and data storage of customer

zoho one in dubai

Zoho One

Keep an eye and take care of every aspect of your business with this powerful suite of 40+ applications. With this one bundle ensure your entire team is collaborative and productive than before.

zoho desk support in dubai

Zoho Desk

Try the help desk software to improve your sales agents productivity and performance metrics. Solve customer issues faster and retain customers by excelling in customer satisfaction.

zoho books implementaion in uae

Zoho Books

Manage finances in one place. Get an accounting experience that organizes invoices, estimates, inventory, banking and other tasks, to collectively work across departments.

zoho crm installation in dubai

Zoho Recruit

A robust tool for your HR teams for applicant tracking. Bring candidates, clients and recruitment teams under a single platform for faster and effective recruitment process.

zoho salesiq in dubai

Zoho SalesIQ

Quickly convert and engage website visitors with a live chat software. Get in-depth analysis on website visitors’ activities and engage proactively with chatbots.

Expert help to keep your business running

Remote Support

We are much more than just technical support. Our team is available 24*7 to keep your business running at all times. This remote support is offered to identify any issues arising and its solution. Our expert team,
Understands your business environment
Match your needs with your organization goals
Readily available 24*7

Unparalleled Support

All queries aren’t the same. Some queries are simple at a lower level while the others are complex at a higher level. We are here to assist, whether it is regarding any setup, fixing bugs, or any other support required. The team specialized in key problem areas can provide assistance by serving with the viable solutions.

Cost benefit with Annual Package

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual packages of support. Choose a plan based on your requirement and business size. Save costs by choosing the annual subscription that offers an overall discount on the service. Talk with us today to get an overview on our monthly and annual support packages.

Zoho Support 24*7 Availability

Focus on your core business, as we take care and support your business critical applications with 24/7 support service. The trained team is ready to answer your questions and solve issues that you face. This enables you to work unworried, and further be focused on your business. Additional benefits are:
Get issues solved faster
Proactive and solution-minded support
Increased customer retainment
Bring the best of Zoho applications
Prevent critical and technical issues

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