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Properly done implementation can increase business performance. Not only we consult with you, but we also bring out your ideas and transform them into a solution. Pick out the Zoho Application that suits your business and we bring in our expertise in building solutions and provide on-going support. We aim to implement business solutions with less time and effort.

Zoho Partner Implementation to solve common issues and build faster!

Have a Zoho solution in mind? We got you covered! Linz technologies implementation helps you solve common issues faster using Zoho applications. Rely on our experts for effective, reliable and cost efficient solutions. You get detailed consultation on existing issues, and a guide to the deployment for the automated tasks. As we do the heavy lifting implementation for you, you are left with a seamless journey!

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Benefits of choosing us as your implementation choice are:

Increased software quality
Less stress in teams
Reduced costs in operations
Professional outlook on software with branding on point
Automated process to run mundane tasks

Steps to Successful Zoho Implementation


-Propose vision, mission and values Define the goal and intent - Clear project scope - Timeline preparation -Requirement Gathering -Prepare a list of deliverables


-Define desired function of the tool - Action planning -Map source to database


- Define outputs -System Configuration - Data migration details


- Agile -Acceptance - Quality - Bug - Usability - Training


- Readiness - Go-Live

Best Ideas in Zoho Implementation

Planning ahead is the key for an effective implementation. Plan in prior the teams and the process that will be impacted by the implementation. Question yourself with the possible outcomes, time required, and how to deliver it to the team. Failure to achieve clarity in this step can be a risky move and steering off course.We conduct research on your business requirement and give you a Turn Around Time (TAT), on when possibly the software can be made to go Live.

This step is about analyzing the measures to be taken and the critical issues present in the existing system. With a divide and conquer method, we segment the process into different sections in less time and with more efficiency. This helps in bridging the gap between the requirements and the knowledge or skill that is currently present. So the implementation team can improve the success of their implementation efforts.

It is when the software is installed and proceeded to configure. This involves setting up workflows, migrating data from system to another. Customizing the software to meet the requirements is a major step. We understand your requirements and proceed with customizations that give you the maximum benefit from the Zoho software.

After building, the tasks don’t end there. We proceed with the testing functionality by making a list of every person, and team to ensure the working from everyone’s point of view. Along with testing, training is also a part of this process. Your sales teams need to be trained to use the applications the way they want to. Benefits of early testing are: reduced risks, smooth transitions, consistency in customer experience, and delivery of high quality product.

The Go-live time is the final step of the implementation process. The Go-live dates are set prior to start working backwards with realistic targets. Once it is live, spend time with the end users to know how well it is received. This way, it’s easier to identify the missed steps and look up for more opportunities to automate processes. You can do this by:
Evaluating the key performance
Identifying the least and the most profitable customers
Tracking how employees acclimate to the new system

Why need Implementation?

With 7+ years experience in delivering Zoho Applications, we guide you with the possible integration options and let you choose the needed ones. We assist you in the integration process to help accomplish great things. This lets you implement a powerful application in no time.
Integration services
We adjust the aesthetic style according to your business branding. With the customization options across Zoho Products, we maintain consistent branding efforts across applications, similar to your website and social media.
Customized Branding
Project delays have an impact on costs and customer satisfaction. By planning the details and knowing in prior the time taken to make the application go live, we ensure the precise delivery on time.
Timely Delivery
We get you up and running in no time! We offer a range of custom configuration, custom workflows, and extensive support and training. The setup process is done by understanding your business requirements.
Setup Process
Our certified Zoho experts follow industry best standards in delivering high-quality solutions. Exceed customer expectations with innovative, and secure solutions
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Ways Zoho consulting partner can benefit your software implementation

We are delighted to be a part of Zoho application’s implementation, consultation service, and training to offer high performance with a team of experts. Our proven methodology helps you build powerful applications on the web as well as mobile applications.

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7+ industrial experience
Experts in entire ecosystem of Zoho Products
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