Zoho CRM Blueprint for Business

Blueprints are the newest feature in Zoho CRM that has now been now modified to be more user-friendly. You presumably realize that CRM achievement begins with your sales cycle.

Zoho crm blueprint for business

We all need to go by a certain rules in order to get to a particular destination, in the same way blueprints in CRM are a set of simple and effective solutions to process you automation requirements to bring results in a systematic manner. Right from the moment a lead is captured in your CRM system until the end of the deal follow-up and beyond, a business can have many sales processes.

According to the official Blueprint of Zoho you can:

  • Define the sequence of stages in a process
  • Associate the right people with each stage.
  • Mandate and Validate important information contextually
  • Automate routine actions

So why do you need Blueprints? What can you gain out of this?

Keep reading to see a few ways how having a blueprint can be helpful.

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